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Open Records Law

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Northcentral Technical College | Health Sciences Building | Room 1004
Understanding the nuances in the Public Records Law regarding disclosure of different types of records from Personnel Records to Law Enforcement Records is critical for your operations.  This training will cover the legal obligations you have regarding open records.
Note: This training is open only to Public Safety professionals and law enforcement personnel

The training will cover the following topics: 
· Understanding the obligation to respond to requests for records
· Understanding the authority to charge fees
· Fulfilling notice obligations from basic situations to complex situations involving multiple employees
· Understanding statutory and common law provisions barring the release of records
· Understanding the balancing test analysis and clearly articulating arguments supporting the custodian’s decisions regarding release 
· Responding effectively with scenario training to identify common problems posed by records requesters
· Managing the public relations aspects of the public records law 
Featured speaker - Kyle J. Gulya
von Briesen & Roper, s.c.  Madison, WI

Kyle advises both public and private sector employers with employment and labor related issues including regulatory compliance, antidiscrimination practices, contractual and workplace policy matters, and personnel management. He also advises clients regarding complex internal investigations and effectively resolving personnel disputes. Kyle also assists clients with crisis communications and effectively handling crisis situations, and he regularly advises clients regarding Wisconsin’s Public Records Law and Open Meetings Law.
Kyle has extensive experience involving the unique employment and labor related issues faced by Police Departments, Fire Departments, Sheriff’s Departments and Police & Fire Commissions. Kyle works closely with law enforcement professionals in management side labor and employment related issues. Kyle is proud of his relationships with the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, the Wisconsin Fire Chiefs Education Association, and the Wisconsin Police Leadership Foundation. 
Kyle frequently presents on labor-and employment-related issues throughout Wisconsin and nationally. Kyle has also written numerous articles regarding labor-and employment related issues, Wisconsin’s Public Records Law, and Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law.
Seminar will also be available at the Medford campus.



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Northcentral Technical College | Health Sciences Building | Room 1004 1000 W Campus Drive