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Blackboard is a tool used at NTC to provide course materials online. Depending on the particular course and instructor, you may also submit assignments, participate in discussions, check your grades or use other features of Blackboard. It is used for a variety of classes including fully online courses, as well as many of our other courses.

Take our Orientation to Online Learning to become familiar with the technology requirements and skills needed to use Blackboard.
Logging Into Blackboard for the Orientation to Online Learning
NTC courses in Blackboard are password-protected—that is, only those individuals who have been given access by NTC will be able to enter and participate in a course. For a regular course, your instructor will provide information and access directions. For this orientation, follow the steps below to login to Blackboard:
2. Select Blackboard 9
3. Click the Login button.
4. Enter the following username: ntclearner
5. Enter the following password: password
6. Click Login. NOTE: If you have problems accessing Blackboard, repeat the login process; make sure you are entering the correct username and password (both all lowercase) as specified above. If you continue to experience problems, contact the Help Desk at 715.803.1160.
7. You will be on a page called "My Blackboard" (see information below).
8. Click on the link "Orientation to Online Learning" under "My Courses."
"My Blackboard"
This page is customized according to your login information. Notice the "My Blackboard" tab in the upper left under the NTC logo. When you are in a course and want to go to a different course you have access to, click on this tab to come back to this page. The "My Blackboard" page has two modules:
  • "My Announcements" - This box will show you any system announcements and current announcements from any of the courses in which you are enrolled. Clicking on an announcement will not give you access to the course.
  • "My Courses"  - The courses which you have access to will be listed here. When you login for the orientation, the only link available is the Orientation to Online Learning. NOTE: Instructors must make the courses available to the students. A message that you aren't enrolled in any courses means that the instructors have not made any of your courses available. Check your NTC student email account for information from your instructor regarding availability.
If you have questions or need assistance as you work through the orientation, please contact the NTC Help Desk via email at or call 715.803.1160 or 1.888.682.7144, Ext. 1160.



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