Watch these tutorials to learn how to perform common tasks you will need to do while taking an online course at NTC. If you need more assistance please contact the help desk at 715-803-1160.

How to submit an assignment
1:14  |   Video

How to take a test

1:17  |  Video

Test Taking Recommendations Document

How to use the Discussion Board
1:34  |  Video

*Tip: Display show all

How to check your grades

0:51  |  Video

*Tip: When checking tests you may not be able to see the correct answers or feedback unless your instructor has configured it that way. Check with your instructor for more information.

How to save a word document in the correct format
0:22  |  Video

*Tip: .doc or .rtf are the most compatible formats.

How to change your password
0:51  |  Video

*Tip: this does not change your email password

How to hide old courses from your course list

0:41  |  Video

*Tip: your old courses may disappear if your instructor removes availability to the course. If not this is a nice way to clean up your course list.



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