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Emergency School Closings

NTC values the wellbeing of its students and staff and does not wish to have lives endangered while traveling to or from NTC during inclement weather. Northcentral Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and weather conditions may change throughout the day. Keep in mind that morning weather conditions may differ greatly from evening forecasts.

In cases of extreme inclement weather, announcements regarding campus closings will be made for day classes by 5:30 a.m. in an attempt to have messages aired on radio and select TV stations by 6 a.m. The decision to cancel evening classes will be made by 1 p.m. in an attempt to have messages aired on the radio and select TV stations by 2 p.m.

Students have several ways to determine if the college is closed:

  1. Call the College at 715.675.3331 after 6 a.m. and listen for special weather updates.
  2. Visit www.ntc.edu.
  3. Visit Wausau Daily Herald website at www.wausaudailyherald.com.
  4. Television announcements will be made on WSAW (Channel 7), WAOW (Channel 9) and WJFW (Channel 12).
  5. Radio announcements will be made on WSAU/WIFC, WRIG/WDEZ, WOFM, WIZD, WHRM, WYCO/WXCO, and WJMT/WMZK. Additional radio stations may be used for regional campus closings: Medford - WKEB/WIGM, WAXX; Spencer - WDLB, WAXX, WCCN; Phillips – WCQM, WAXX.


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