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The Faces of NTC

Everyone at NTC has a unique story. Hear from the faces of NTC and learn why they chose NTC as the right fit for their educational needs.

  • John Dozer

    John Dozer

    General Studies Transfer Certificate

    “One of my favorite things with the classes I’m taking right now would be the student/teacher relationship. The teachers are very helpful and they’re very willing to make time to help you, to mentor you on the side, either before class or after class.”

  • Brittanie Boeck

    Brittanie Boeck

    General Studies Transfer Certificate

    “I think NTC is a very good place to start because of how much money you save; I know that was a big factor. I can still work while I’m going here because of the flexible schedules, and the one on one with the teachers because of the small school is something I really enjoy.”

  • Lynn Patterson

    Lynn Patterson

    Nursing Associate Degree

    “I chose NTC for the location, and based on the research I had done for other schools in the area, it was the best choice for my degree…What I like most about the Nursing program is my ability to interact with patients. I like the fact that Nursing is patient-centered, and you’re a patient advocate.”

  • Vicky Nason

    Vicky Nason

    Sustainable Architecture Associate Degree

    “I’m so impressed and pleased that the depth and breadth of this program is extensive and I can’t believe how much I’m learning in one semester. Green building and green technology is really something that we have to adapt in, and I think NTC is right on track in offering the Sustainable Architecture program.”

  • Justin Forster

    Justin Forster

    Criminal Justice — Law Enforcement Associate Degree

    “Hopefully I become a police officer. That’s my biggest goal. Become an officer somewhere around this area. It’s a great place; all of the teachers have been great with me. They really help you. They set time aside for you. Because I’m a dislocated worker, it’s another opportunity for me to get out in the field.”

  • Megan Grefe

    Megan Grefe

    Marketing Associate Degree

    “To me, NTC meant a fresh start — a new beginning. I didn’t know anything about business when I first got here. I’ve learned a lot about just pretty much every aspect that goes into marketing advertising promotionals the way the economy works. It’s a great environment to study and to learn in.”

  • Va Her

    Va Her

    Nursing Associate Degree

    “So far, I just started, I love the teachers. They’re great and they are very personable so you can go up to them and ask any questions…they’re willing to take their time, talk to you, and answer any questions or concerns that you have.”


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