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FAQ's - Human Resources

The purpose of this document is to assist you in answering frequently asked questions regarding Northcentral Technical College’s recruitment process.
Where do I find job openings at Northcentral Technical College?
Job openings can be found on the bottom right of the ntc.edu web pages named Jobs at NTC.
How long are jobs posted?
Each posting will have its own unique close date, please review the posting for the deadline date.
Will you accept my application after the posting has been removed from the website?
Once a position is removed from a website, applications will no longer be accepted. 
How do I apply for a job at Northcentral Technical College?
All vacant jobs are posted online at Jobs at NTC.   In order to be considered for a position, you must complete and submit an online application.
What information do I need to apply online?
You will need an e-mail address, electronic copy of your resume and cover letter, details relating to your education and training, licenses and certifications, employment history and references. Certain positions will require College Transcripts if applicable to meet educational requirements of the position. You may save your application submission and return to complete it once you obtain an electronic copy (scanned) of your transcripts.
Will my submitted online application be considered for other positions as they become available?
In order to be considered a candidate for a position, you need to apply online for each specific job. 
Should I submit a hard copy of my resume if I have already submitted it via the online application?
A resume submitted via the online application system is sufficient.
Can I revise my online application after I submit it?
Once your application is submitted, you will not be able to revise your online application.
How can I change my contact information on my online application?
If your address, phone number, or email address need to be changed, please contact Northcentral Technical College’s Human Resources at 715.803.1064 or loveyourjob@ntc.edu
How will I know that you received my online application?
After you successfully submit your online application, a Confirmation Page will appear on your screen. This page will inform you that we have successfully received your online application, and will provide you a confirmation number and any special instructions, if applicable. If you do not successfully submit your application, you are not considered an active candidate for the position(s) you apply for. 
Therefore, if you do not receive a confirmation page immediately upon submitting your online application, contact us at 715.803.1064 or loveyourjob@ntc.edu .
 Also, another way to double-check that your application is successfully submitted is if you login to your online application profile, the application status will indicate whether or not your application is complete or incomplete.
I want to find out the status of the position. 
It is not uncommon that our recruitment processes are quite lengthy and it may take several months before a position is filled. Northcentral Technical College will send you periodic updates via email to inform you if the position is still in process.
Can you tell me where Northcentral Technical College is at in the recruitment process?
Due to confidentiality consideration for all candidates, we do not disclose where we are at specifically in the recruitment process. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted via telephone to set up your interview/date time. Once the position is filled, all applicants will be notified of the status of the job via email.
How does Northcentral Technical College select candidates to interview?
A selection team will review applications and select candidates to be interviewed whose background seems to closest meet our needs at the time, in alignment with the mission, vision, and value statements of Northcentral Technical College.
I believe that I meet the minimum qualifications for a position, why wasn’t I contacted for an interview?
Meeting the minimum qualifications for a position does not ensure that a candidate will be interviewed. It is not uncommon that we receive a large volume of applications for our positions. In fact, most of our positions attract a particularly high number of well qualified candidates. Each resume is carefully reviewed and the selection team will identify candidates whose background seems to be the closest match to our needs at the time.
 I interviewed for a position and I was not hired. How can I obtain feedback about why I was not hired and/or any suggestions, advice, information that you can provide regarding my interview? 
 Each interview process is uniquely designed specifically to each of Northcentral Technical College’s positions. Therefore, based on that process, the selection team will determine the candidate(s) whose background seems to closest meet our needs at the time. Northcentral Technical College does not provide specific feedback regarding the interview process to the candidates.
How does the adjunct hiring process work? 
NTC always accepts adjunct applications. Applicants who meet Wisconsin Technical College System certification requirements are forwarded on to the appropriate division(s). The division then determines whether or not to include the applicant in the adjunct pool. Applicants that are accepted into the pool remain there and can be contacted by the division if a need arises. No further action is required.


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