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Pending Financial Aid

With e-Cashier pending aid, students awaiting financial aid can register for a payment plan as a backup plan. In the event of a financial aid shortfall, the deferred payment plan scheduled by the student through Nelnet will be activated to cover the remaining balance.

Students that have anticipated aid of 75 percent or more of their tuition and fees for that semester will be given the deferred payment options through eCashier. The deferred payments are scheduled to start after aid is disbursed for that semester. For these deferred pending aid agreements to be activated, the student must have a balance on the Nelnet system at the time of their first scheduled payment. At that time, the payment plan would be activated with the student's remaining balance and the student would be charged the $25 Nelnet Enrollment Fee.
If the student's balance falls below $100, the agreement may turn into a single payment and be charged a $10 fee rather than the $25 Nelnet Enrollment Fee. If the student's balance falls to $0, the pending agreement will be cancelled and no payment plan fee will be charged to the student.



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