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Enrollment Status

Eligibility for financial aid is partly based on a student’s enrollment level.  Therefore, changes in enrollment after the semester starts may affect how much money you receive and/or if any received money must be returned.  The actual amount of financial aid funding will be determined for the fundable number of enrolled credits on the Census Date, the 14th day of each semester at NTC.  If you add a class to your schedule after the Census Date, the credits for the class you added will not be counted in your total enrolled credits for that semester, and as such, you will not be granted any additional financial aid.

We highly encourage you to register for ALL classes for a semester prior to the Census Date.


It is important to notify the Financial Aid Office any time that you decide to change enrollment to determine what impact that may have on financial aid eligibility.

Consult with your Program Advising Specialist or the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawal to discuss your individual situation.


Drops with 100 or 80 Percent Refunds

If a class is taken off of your schedule and you are not charged for the class, or you receive a tuition refund of 80%, your financial aid will be recalculated with the remaining eligible credits on your schedule.  In other words, it may be necessary to decrease your financial aid award, and if aid has already been disbursed, you may owe back a portion.  Dropped classes will be monitored throughout the entire semester.


Drops before the Census Date

The Financial Aid Census Date at NTC is the 14th day of the semester.  If you drop any classes within the first fourteen days, those credits will not be considered in your enrollment for financial aid purposes and therefore are not funded by financial aid.



If you do not attend a class, you are not eligible to receive aid for the class.  In a situation where an instructor drops a student from the class that they are teaching due to the student being a ‘No show,’ there is no refund on tuition; the student is still responsible for the tuition.  However, the Financial Aid Office is required to adjust (decrease) aid based on actual credits.


If you intend to drop a course, notify the Registration Office so that you can be officially withdrawn from the class or complete the drop yourself online.  Do not simply stop attending class.



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