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Alternative Student Loans

Alternative student loans (or private student loans) are loans a student takes out directly from lending institutions to assist with college related costs. These loans can be used for education related expenses such as tuition, books, transportation, and room & board. Students should exhaust all federal aid and direct loan opportunities before applying for an alternative loan. Most alternative loans offer variable interest rates; whereas the Direct Loan opportunities, such as the Stafford and PLUS Loans, offer fixed interest rates. Alternative loans are not federally guaranteed and require a good credit rating and/or credit worthy co-signer. To receive an alternative loan you must:
  • complete the FAFSA,
  • receive your NTC award offer,
  • be registered for classes.
The amount of the alternative loan you will qualify for is limited to your cost of attendance minus all other financial aid. Due to a new Federal Government regulation (see Dear Colleague Letter: GEN-10-01), you will need to complete a self-certification form for your lender before they will process your loan. If your lender has not supplied you with a self-certification form, you can find the form at the Financial Aid Forms page of Northcentral Technical College’s Financial Aid website.
How to Apply:
Northcentral Technical College does not endorse any lender or lending institution. To assist you in your search, we do recommend using FASTChoice. FASTChoice is a private loan selection tool that helps students make a wise choice regarding borrowing an alternative loan. FASTChoice allows you to compare lender rates, terms, and benefits. We recommend you follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Fast Choice to get started
  2. Enter in your personal information..
  3. Complete Borrowing Essentials to learn about borrowing money.
  4. Read through the Loan Product Disclosures and select Continue.
  5. Use the filter option to select undergraduate and select filter Loans.
  6. Compare the different options of private loans that are provided.
  7. Once you find a loan you are interested in, select Apply.
  8. Provide the lender with all information required and submit your application.
  9. The lender will review your application to determine if you qualify. If your loan is approved, the lender will notify us for certification.
  10. The Financial Aid Office will review your account and if you meet the eligibility requirements, your loan will be certified.
  11. If the funds cause a credit on the student's account, the excess will be refunded to the student through their BankMobile account preference.
 Questions? You can contact Northcentral Technical College’s Financial Aid Office by phone at (715) 675-3331, Ext. 5862 or by email at


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