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Where’s My Financial Aid?

Once your FAFSA is received at NTC, a confirmation letter will be mailed to you.  When your financial aid awards are posted, an award notification will be emailed to your NTC email account. Information on how to view your financial aid awards via your MyNTC account are posted below and will be included in the email notification also.
To view your Financial Aid awards, please log into MyNTC.  Once you are in your MyNTC account, click on "Finances," then click on "View My Financial Aid," and choose the appropriate award year.
For loans, you must accept, edit, or decline your awards in order for them to be processed.

We're Partnering With BankMobile

Higher One, the company who was processing all financial aid refunds is now BankMobile Disbursements.

What does this mean for current students?

For current NTC students all Higher One accounts will seamlessly transition to BankMobile Vibe effective on June 1, 2016. No action will be required on your part! There will be no change in your account number and you do notneed to get a new bank card.

You can also now get cash off-campus without paying any fees at Allpoint ATM locations including: Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and more! For a complete list of BankMobile Vibe ATMs, visit the Allpoint network ATM locator at http://www.allpointnetwork.com/

Please Note: Because of the new locations now available, the Higher One ATM in the Center for Health Sciences building was removed from service on May 4.

What does this mean for first-time students?

For first time NTC students if you are a newly matriculated student who has applied for financial aid and enrolled in classes, you will receive a selection kit in the mail (look for the green envelope) from BankMobile Disbursements once you are accepted into a financial aid eligible program and enrolled in classes. You must have a U.S. address on file in order to receive a selection kit. The selection kit contains a letter which includes a personal code.

Once you receive your Refund Selection Kit, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit www.RefundSelection.com
  2. Enter your unique Personal Code
  3. Select how you’d like to receive your money
  4. Complete your profile
You have the choice to either have your refunds sent via electronic deposit to your bank account or if you don't have a bank account, to set up the Vibe Account through BankMobile Disbursements.
The BankMobile Vibe account is a checking account that offers the power to bank anywhere, anytime. Plus there’s no monthly fee for students. If you select the BankMobile Vibe account as your refund choice, you will receive a temporary virtual BankMobile debit card to use for phone or online purchases; until your physical card arrives in the mail.
Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a refund from NTC, we may have a refund for you in the future. Please go online to select your refund preference as soon as you receive your Refund Selection Kit with your personal code. You only need to make your refund selection once for all refunds from NTC.
Simply put, your refund preference is designed to provide you with increased choices and security when it comes to receiving your financial aid or school refunds.

Some items to note:

  • If you’re not sure that NTC has your current mailing address, please take a moment to log into your MyNTC account to update your address information today (Go to the Student Center > Personal Information to view the contact information we have on file for you). Your Refund Selection Kit will be mailed to your current address on file with NTC. Therefore, it is critical that you verify your mailing address as soon as possible.
  • When your Refund Selection Kit arrives in the mail, please select your refund preference.
  • For more information, contact:
    Cashier's Office
    715-675-3331, Ext. 1443 or 888-682-7144, Ext. 1443
    If you elect to open a BankMobile Vibe account, keep your new card in a safe place as you would any debit card.
    If you misplace your BankMobile Vibe debit card, contact BankMobile customer service directly at 877-327-9515 for assistance (Mon – Fri 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are refunds from Northcentral Technical College delivered to students?
    Once your refund preference is selected, funds are sent from NTC to BankMobile who then disburses the refunds according to your selection.
    How do I get my unique Personal Code?
    New NTC students who have been matriculated into a program and have registered for classes or filed a FAFSA will receive a Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile in the mail at their primary address on file with NTC.
    Didn’t receive your bright green envelope containing your Personal Code in the mail?
    Go to Where’s My Refund Selection Kit to track it online.
    What are my options for receiving Financial Aid or other refunds?
    • Electronic Deposit to another account.
    • Electronic Deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account .
    How do I set up the electronic deposit to another bank account?
    In order to have your refund deposited to your bank, select electronic deposit to another account as your refund preference as soon as you receive the unique Personal Code by visiting RefundSelection.com.
    What exactly is the BankMobile Vibe Account?
    The BankMobile Vibe Account is a full functioning FDIC insured FREE CHECKING account that allows you to access your refunds quicker and easier. The account has no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and free Internet banking features. With it, you can use your BankMobile Vibe Debit MasterCard to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can also get cash with no fee at any of the 55,000 AllPoint ATMs across the nation. Please note:  this is not a credit card. It is a debit card linked to your Vibe account.
    To find the closest ATM click the Link below:
    NOTE: The BankMobile Vibe Account is a checking account and standard banking fees will be applied when applicable. Please review the BankMobile Fee Schedule for a complete list of all applicable banking fees.
    Is there a BankMobile Vibe ATM located on campus?
    How will I know when my Financial Aid or other refund has been electronically deposited to the BankMobile Vibe Account?
    When your refund has been deposited to your BankMobile Vibe Account, BankMobile will send an email to the address you entered during the set-up of your account.  Additionally, you can view the details of your BankMobile Vibe Account by accessing your account online at www.bankmobilevibe.com or by signing up to receive text messages sent directly to your cell phone with Mobile Alerts.
    Who do I contact if I lose my card?
    For your own security, as soon as you realize that you do not have physical control of your card, it is essential that you report the card lost. This may be done a couple of ways. You may go online to www.bankmobilevibe.com or call customer service at 1-877-327-9515. Your report allows BankMobile Vibe to cancel the card and prevent fraud, theft, and abuse of your account.
    If you have a Higher One card for which an account prefernce was not set up. Are you still able to use the Higher One card?
    Yes. You can still make use of the Higher One card and set up your account preference for the card. Higher One issued NTC One Cards are still valid and will transition to BankMobile.
    If you had a Higher One Issued NTC One Card and lost it, How Do You Get a Replacement Card?
    You will need to contact the Cashiers Office to get a personal code to make a refund selection through BankMobile. If you choose to open a BankMobile Vibe account you will have to call BankMobile and request a new card and the replacement card fee of $10 will be charged to you. There would be no charge if you use the personal code to set your refund selection as ACH (electronic deposit) to your own bank account (checking or savings).
    What if I have additional questions?
    For more information about Refunds with BankMobile Disbursements, the BankMobile student help desk can be reached at 1-877-327-9515. Or, if you prefer, contact the Cashiers Office on campus at 715-675-3331, Ext. 1443 or 888-682-7144, Ext. 1443.


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