Initial Start Up

When you first turn on your new iPad 2 it will ask you a few questions. Make sure you are somewhere you can connect to a Wi-Fi signal so you can complete the setup process. Here are some questions you will run into.

Enable Location Services Some applications ask for the ability to track your location. For instance your google map app will be able to locate your position on a map. Also if you do a search in google it will be able to make suggestions based on where you are for places to eat for instance. You need to decide whether or not to enable Location Services before the setup assistant will let you continue. If you change your mind later, you can always enable or disable Location Services from the Settings app.

Wi-Fi Networks You must choose a Wi-Fi network to join during the setup process. If you aren't somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection you may want to wait until you are to complete the setup process.

Apple ID You need an Apple ID to purchase songs and videos from the iTunes Store, apps from the App Store, and books from iBookstore. You’ll also use your Apple ID for features like FaceTime and Game Center. If you don’t already have an Apple ID and don’t feel like setting one up now, you can skip this step and create one later. If you do already have one, just sign in with your current ID at this point.

Birthday Apple prompts you for your Birthday so you may retrieve your password should you ever forget it. 

Start Using your iPad - You are now ready to begin using your new iPad 2. Head to the iPad Basic tutorials to learn some basic or better yet start playing and stop back if you have questions!


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