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Summer Programs & Courses

We don’t slow down over the summer – and neither should you. Whether you're looking to catch up, get a head start on the fall semester or graduate sooner, NTC has a variety of summer course options available that offer students the opportunity to earn credits between the spring and fall semesters. And with options starting in June, July and August, you still have plenty of time to enjoy central Wisconsin’s summer weather.

Start a Program

Nearly all of NTC’s 170+ associate degree, technical diploma and certificate offerings feature courses that are available over the summer months, so you don’t have to wait until the fall semester to begin or continue your education.

You can get started with one of NTC's program offerings by checking out our programs online.  If you have questions about any of our offerings contact our admissions staff at 715.675.3331 ext. 5860 or email

Enroll in Summer Courses

Whether you are looking to catch up, stay on track in your program or jump ahead, consider a summer course or program at NTC. Summer courses are open to existing and new students, with many credits transferring from NTC to the UW system.*

*Students earning a degree from another college or university should check with their school to ensure transferability and that credits counts towards your program).

Financial Aid for Summer Courses

Our listings of summer courses include a number of courses that happen during the summer months but are technically classified as fall courses. You can determine how courses are counted for financial aid purposes by looking at the start date of the course. Courses with a June or July start date are counted for summer financial aid. Courses with an August start date are counted for fall financial aid.

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact the financial aid office at or 715.675.3331 ext 5862.

3 Credits in 3 Weeks

Many of our summer courses are 3 credit courses that can be completed in 3 weeks. These courses are accelerated so that you can get the most credits in the shortest amount of time. Use the 3 Credits in 3 Weeks tab below to show only these accelerated offerings.


Register for one of our summer courses in any of the following ways:

Available Summer Courses


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