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Virtual College/Lakeland Program Transition

Virtual College/Lakeland Program Transition

Congratulations on making it to the transition phase of your NTC/Lakeland Virtual College journey! Everything you need to know about how things will change and how you will move forward in this time can be accessed on this page. Please save this link and refer back to this page throughout the remainder of your time in Virtual College for important links and information.

You are probably very familiar with NTC services already, but you may see some additional Lakeland resources linked on this page that are new to you. Please review all categories on this page to familiarize yourself with the services available to you moving forward. We wish you the best of luck as you complete your Baccalaureate through Virtual College!

  • Advising

    No change: Ellen Anderson will continue to be your advisor throughout your Bachelor’s program. By now, you should have received your transition checklist and should be working through it with Ellen.

  • Coursework & Learning Activities

    No change: You will not need to change the way you access your coursework. Everything will still be accessible through the Blackboard system you are already familiar with.

  • E-mail

    No change: You will continue to use your NTC e-mail for all communication.

  • Financial Aid

    Each year when you complete your FAFSA, you should be adding the school code for both Lakeland (003854) and NTC (005387). You will only receive aid from one college, but this will be determined by the colleges once your FAFSA has been submitted.

    Contacts: Lakeland Financial Aid Office: 920-565-1214 | NTC Financial Aid Office: 715-675-3331, extension 5862 or

  • Grades

    Official grades for NTC and Lakeland College courses can be found on myLakeland and MyNTC, respectively.

  • Help Desk Support

    You should continue to utilize NTC’s Help Desk, but contact Lakeland’s Help Desk with any myLakeland-specific issues.

  • Payments

    You will still use MyNTC to make payments for NTC courses, but will need to use myLakeland to make payments for Lakeland College courses.

  • Personal Information

    If your personal information has changed since you first enrolled, you will need to update this in myLakeland as well as in MyNTC.

  • Policies

    You will need to adhere to NTC policies for all NTC courses and Lakeland College policies for all Lakeland College courses.


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