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Virtual College Programs and Courses

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Recently Added Programs

Renal Dialysis

The Renal Dialysis program will prepare graduates to work effectively in a Renal Dialysis center in a hospital or community–based setting.

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing program will teach graduates to use mobile devices, social networks, and other digital media to attract customers.

Associate Degrees

With an associate degree, you can complete a program in two years (if completing coursework fulltime). Programs combine technical skills with general studies such as math, science, communication and social sciences.

Technical Diplomas

Technical diploma programs focus on hands-on learning of occupational skills and can take as little as one or two years to complete, depending on the program.


Certificates are designed to help students learn skills in short blocks of time. Certificate offerings range from one to 31 credits. Many certificates ladder into the College’s associate degree and technical diploma programs, creating a seamless path for lifelong learning. Certificates are not financial aid eligible.

Continuing Education Courses

These Virtual College self paced courses allow you to learn online from qualified and experienced experts in the industry. Whether you need to keep pace with changing job expectations, enhance your skills, or obtain continuing education credits to maintain your license, Virtual College Continuing Education has what you need to be successful!

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