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Judy Foster Memorial Fund

carl-fosterCarl & Judy Foster

Carl and Judy Foster dedicated their lives to teaching. Before retiring a few years ago, Carl taught technical education at the middle, junior, and high school levels. Judy, who passed away in 2002, spent the last 15 years of her teaching career working in NTC’s Learning Center, where she helped nontraditional students obtain an education. The Fosters’ children have followed in their parents’ footsteps: their two sons are teachers, and their daughter is currently pursuing her degree in social work.

“Judy had a soft spot in her heart for working with single mothers, displaced workers, and those who worked hard to overcome obstacles to their education,” commented Carl. “Sometimes students missed school because they couldn’t afford a babysitter or transportation. Some couldn’t afford the fee to take the GED exam. We wanted to set up a fund to help those students.”


The Fosters established the Judy Foster Memorial Fund to provide grants to students with financial needs who attend the Learning Center. “It makes getting their education easier,” said Carl. “They can use the money for whatever they need, whether it’s to purchase books, pay for tuition, or buy food.”


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