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Carrie Kelley

carrie-kellyLanglade County Short-Term Program Fund

Residents and employers in Langlade County, one of the poorest counties in Wisconsin, face some tough hurdles. Many residents cannot afford the secondary education needed to qualify them for better-paying jobs, and the lack of well-trained employees is leaving local companies without the workforce they need to grow and prosper.


Jeannette Eauslin

jeannette-eauslinBone and Joint Scholarship

At age 38, Jeannette Eauslin of Wausau found herself facing new challenges. Permanently laid off from her job of ten years because of the economy, she was out of work and wondering what to do next. Her decision? Prepare for a new career by enrolling in the radiography program at NTC. But with no job she needed financial help to make that education possible.


Joshua Graham

missing photoDwight and Linda Davis Scholarship
Diagnostic and Treatment Center Scholarship

The difference between having a dream and living the dream is the amount of effort you put into achieving it. Joshua Graham put plenty of effort into achieving his. The 29-year-old financial planner from Tigerton had a bachelor’s degree in economics, but for years had dreamed of becoming a certified public accountant.


Brad Ellis

missingphotoNTC Foundation II Scholarship
St. Clare's Hospital-Ministry Health Care Scholarship

Have you ever started out in one direction just to be pulled in another? Brad Ellis has. After earning a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management sixteen years ago and working at a Christian camp near White Lake ever since, opportunities in the medical field kept arising.