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Ways to Give

When you give to Northcentral Technical College, the value of your donation is an investment in the success of our students. Through the generous support of our donors, we are realizing a brighter future for NTC and the students we serve. There are a variety of ways to contribute in support of our mission. The NTC Foundation staff is happy to assist you in making a gift in the area that means the most to you.


The NTC Foundation is committed to assisting new and current students achieve their educational goals by offering scholarships that help pay for tuition, books and school-related expenses. Scholarship dollars may be donated in memory or in honor of individuals, or by individuals, organizations, civic groups or businesses. Options include:

Endowed Scholarships

A minimum of $5,000 is required to establish an endowment fund and is designated as principal. This may be accomplished over a period of time or in one lump sum. The principal will remain untouched, guaranteeing that the endowment remains in perpetuity at the NTC Foundation. Disbursements from the net investment income earned will serve as the scholarship award. The initial scholarship will be awarded after the principal amount earns interest for one year. Endowments may be added to at any time. For endowed scholarships, an annual management fee is assessed semi-annually.

Annual Scholarships

A minimum of $500 is required to establish an annual scholarship with the total amount of the contribution awarded to the student. The scholarship is dependent each year upon the donor committing to a contribution. In the case of both the endowed and annual scholarships, the NTC Foundation works with the donor to establish the criteria and name of the scholarship.

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Student Emergency Funds

These funds are available to help students when they encounter circumstances that may keep them for continuing on the path toward graduation from NTC.

Dreamkeepers Grant Fund

Dreamkeepers provides assistance to students at risk of dropping out of school due to unexpected financial emergencies. Students may apply for up to $500 per semester (or $1,500 lifetime) and these grants to not require repayment. Dreamkeepers grants help students accomplish their educational goals, ultimately securing a better financial future for themselves and their families.

NTC International Student Emergency Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance for emergencies encountered by international students at NTC. Students apply by contacting the NTC International staff.

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Student Assistance Funds

A number of funds exist to help students with the costs associated with GED or Accuplacer testing and Learning Center services. Students who are in need of financial assistance may apply through the NTC Learning Center and through Student Services. There are also a number of funds set up specifically to help students at our NTC regional campuses. These include:

  • North Regional Educational Access Grant
  • Langlade County Short Term Certificate Program
  • Wittenberg Campus Short Term Medical Program Grant
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Area of Greatest Need

By choosing the area of greatest need, you can ensure that your contribution is being utilized to support the needs of students through scholarships and grant funds that support a wide range of college initiatives.

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In-Kind Gifts

An in-kind gift is any property contributed to the NTC Foundation for use by NTC. “Property” includes vehicles, real estate, business inventory, equipment, livestock, supplies, clothing, or household items. Donors can generally receive a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the property at time of contribution (please consult your tax advisor for specific information).

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Gifts of time and talent are a vital way for individuals from the community to connect with the NTC Foundation and benefit our learners. Volunteers play an important role in A Day for NTC Students, by partnering with NTC staff to call on businesses throughout our communities. Volunteers can also serve in various capacities and help with special events.

To learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Sheila Rossmiller at or 715.803.1302.

Planned Giving

Planned giving, or gift planning, refers to donations that you designate to the NTC Foundation from your assets, rather than from your discretionary income. Typically planned gifts take years to realize, yet are vitally important to ensure the ability of the NTC Foundation to continue serving our learners and communities. Planned giving comes in many forms, with the common being bequests by will. For information and advice that best suits your circumstances, we recommend that you contact your financial advisor or estate planning specialist.

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