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Tou Xoua Yang
Veteran Certifying Official
Phone: 715-803-1252
Fax:  715-301-2252
Federal VA
Initial VA benefit consultation with the Veterans Certifying Official can be set up by calling 715-803-1252.  Please bring in military documents such as the DD214(s), NOBE, Kicker, etc.
Students using Federal VA Benefits, please note the following:
  • Veterans education benefits require the student be enrolled and attending classes
  • Only program required courses which have not been successfully completed for graduation purposes can be certified
  • Classes that do not run from term start to term end (non-standard terms) may have significant impacts on VA payments
  • Tuition and fees will be taken from the first source of payment.  If Financial Aid comes in first, it will be used towards tuition/fees and the student will be refunded when VA payments arrive
  • Students are responsible for notifying the Veterans Certifying Official of any changes in enrollment as soon as possible
  • Changes in enrollment can result in overpayment of VA benefits which may require repayment to the VA
  • Most NTC programs are approved for VA benefits from state or federal programs.  Contact the Veterans Certifying Official at 715.803.1252 for more information.
Students using the WI GI Bill must have an application submitted to NTC and the Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs (WDVA) by the 14th day of the term for timely consideration.

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