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Alternative High School

What is the Alternative High School (AHS)?
NTC’s Alternative High School serves students at risk of not completing high school in a traditional setting. Approximately 400 students in the NTC district are served annually, receiving the attention necessary to help them succeed both academically and personally. Classes are available in Antigo, Medford, Merrill, Phillips, Spencer, and Wausau.
What are the objectives of the AHS?
  • Assist students in achieving a high school diploma or HSED
  • Help students develop more wholesome, healthy, and rewarding attitudes toward themselves and others
  • Provide a flexible school day for students who must work because of personal and/or financial need
  • Improve access to and recognition of the need for post-secondary education for careers in the 21st century
  • Provide access to and involvement in the broader community in which students live 
How are academic learning and career exploration accomplished?
  • Connecting learning to the world of work
  • Hands-on experiences in academic areas
  • Group and individual projects or competency-based learning
  • Self-paced learning in the HSED track 
  • Apprenticeships or other career-related pathways
To be eligible to attend the AHS a student must be:
  • A resident of the NTC District
  • 16 years old and considered “at-risk” under State Statute 118.153
  • Referred to the AHS by their high school
What is involved in the admissions process?
An official visit may be scheduled to introduce students and their parents to the program and staff. Students and parents sign a behavioral contract outlining the specific responsibilities of the staff, the parent, and the student prior to beginning in the school’s programs. Continual contract violations will lead to the student’s removal from the program. Continuation in the program will be determined jointly by the student’s home high school principal and the AHS staff and administration.
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