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accuplacerAs a piece of the admission process at Northcentral Technical College, and to ensure that you are current in the skills needed to be successful in your area of study, we ask you to complete the Accuplacer assessment.  The Accuplacer will measure your knowledge in arithmetic, elementary algebra, reading comprehension, and sentence skills.  It is a computer based assessment, and is not a pass or fail test; rather, the results will help determine what classes best fit you and your academic needs.  You are able to complete the Accuplacer at the NTC Wausau Campus, as well as at all NTC regional campuses, and some area high schools.  If you have questions on how to complete the Accuplacer, or if it is available at your high school, contact your NTC Career Coach.
Need to prepare to take the Accuplacer?  Watch for Accuplacer Prep Sessions to be offered at your high school, or check out our Accuplacer Prep Guide!


  • High School Students