Library Operating Guidelines

All borrowers must present an NTC ID card or community library card to check out library materials.

NTC Student Checkout

Loan Period
Overdue Fines
Print materials
(books, magazines, videos, DVD’s, CDs, etc.)
14 days
$0.05 per day
Must use in library only
Various loan periods – check with library staff
$0.50 per day
Interlibrary loan Item
Determined by loaning library
$0.50 per day
4 hours
(must keep in library)
30 minute grace period, afterwards fines will accrue
1 day 30 minute grace period, afterwards fines will accrue
For other materials please ask library staff. 

NTC Faculty/Staff Checkout

Material Checkout Limit
Print materials
(books, videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.)
28 days with exceptions for Course Reserves and Reference Material
Magazines 14 days
Interlibrary loan Item
Determined by loaning library
Digital Camera 3 days
Poster Frames 7 days
Data Projectors 7 days
Easels 7 days
Staff & Faculty Laptop (short term) 1 week and 4 week 
Adjunct Laptop (long term) 1 semester
Note: NTC Staff / Faculty can reserve library equipment ahead of time. To reserve library equipment please see a library staff member at the service desk, phone 715.803.1115 or email

Community Patron Checkout

Checkout Limit
Loan Period
Overdue Fines
Print materials
(books, magazines, videos, DVD’s, CDs, etc.)
3 library items
14 days
$0.05 per day
1 headphone
1 day
$0.05 per day
Courtesy Computer Pass
1 computer pass per day
55 minutes
$0.50 per day
Library Copier Pass
1 copier pass
1 day
$0.50 per day
To avoid overdue fines / fees, borrowers should renew library materials before the due date. A due date may be extended if the item has not been requested by another borrower. Please be aware that there are renewal limits. The maximum number of times most printed material can be renewed is 3 times.  Electronics and media vary.
To renew or inquire, borrowers may visit the NTC library in person, call the service desk at (715) 803-1115, email Renewing may be done online at Please provide your full name, your NTC ID number and the library materials you wish to renew.
Overdue Fines and Lost & Damaged Fees
When borrowers have library fines/fees that exceed $5.00 or more, library privileges will be suspended until materials are returned and fines/fees are paid. Overdue notices are sent to the library’s address of record. It is the patron’s responsibility to keep the library informed of address changes. Printed material not returned within 21 days of its due date will be considered lost. Course Reserves and electronics not returned after 8 days are considered lost.  Borrowers will be billed for the cost of the materials plus a $15.00 (per item) processing fee.
Computer Use
Library computers are provided for students, faculty, staff and community patrons to enhance and support the teaching and learning needs of Northcentral Technical College. Priority use is for research and course related assignments. Viewing unacceptable or offensive materials as well as copyright abuse can result in loss of library privileges.
We have 36 computers in the library with various software applications available for use.
We have 16 available laptops for NTC students to use in the library only. The maximum length of time to use these laptops is 4 hours.
There are 15 laptops for staff / faculty to checkout. Eleven laptops require prior reservations while the other four laptops are on a first-come, first-served check out basis. Request your reservation by calling the circulation desk at 715.803.1115 or emailing the library staff at
Three scanners are available in the library for use. There is no charge to scan documents.
New NTC students start out with a $25 printing balance.
● Basic (black) printing and copying is $.05 per side.
● Color printing and copying is $.25 per side.
Wireless Network
Bring in your own device and use our free wireless connection. Printing is available using the wireless network.  
Library Noise
The Library is a welcoming environment for students to research, study and collaborate with others. Many students who use the library to study or take tests need a quiet environment in order to concentrate.
Cellphones must be turned off or switched to silent mode when in the library. Anyone who must receive a call when in the library should put the caller on hold and move to an area where conversation will not disturb others using the library.
Study Zones
The Library offers two types of study zones. The main floor is a collaborative zone allowing for group projects and limited conversation. Students using this area can quietly work on projects together while respecting students around them. Study rooms are available for projects that require a larger or more private space.
The second floor is a designated quiet study zone. Students using this area must remain quiet, may not use cell phones, and have minimal conversation out of respect of other patrons. Second floor study rooms are available for those who primarily need to work without distraction or need media equipment. A student conference room is available for reserve to be used as quiet collaborative space.  All study rooms have a 2 hour limit.  Please request exceptions at the front desk.  
When deemed necessary, the library staff will enforce these guidelines.
Children on Campus (For Students and Visitors)
While visitors are welcome at Northcentral Technical College, the College has a policy concerning minor (under 15 years of age) children on campus. For the safety of young visitors, children on campus (under 15 years of age) must be supervised by an adult who has a direct line of sight to the child at all time. The College does not allow children in classroom or other learning environments (Library, designated study areas, Cyber Cafe, laboratories, etc.) as this may be a disruption to the educational process of other learners. If children are being disruptive in public areas of the college, adults may be asked to remove their children from campus.
Failure to adhere to this administrative guideline may result in a student conduct violation. Visitors that do not adhere to this policy may be asked to leave the premises.
Students are encouraged to make arrangements for the care of their children with an appropriate service provider. The College currently has day-care facilities on campus provided through the local YWCA. Please contact the center director or assistant director at the YWCA for enrollment information.
Violations of this policy should be reported to security.
Food and Drink 
We highly encourage library patrons to use the Cyber Cafe to eat or drink before returning to workspaces.
Food and drink are allowed in the NTC Library however, library patrons are subject to the following guidelines.
● Deposit all recyclable food and drinking packages in the recycling bins located throughout the library.
● Dispose of trash appropriately and take leftovers with you when you leave.
● Do not simply brush off leftover residue or leave stains around your work area. Please, wipe down your area with the Sani-Wipes       located throughout the library and throw away the used wipes in the trash bin.
● Liquids should be contained in spill-proof containers or in capped bottles.
● Pour liquids into the bathroom sink before recycling or throwing away the containers.
● Report any accidental spills to the library staff as soon as possible.
● Food deliveries are not allowed.
The Library reserves the right to ask that food or drink be removed from the Library. 


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