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Off Campus Access

Most of the resources that the NTC library provides for our users are accessible by IP address.  The provider of these resources knows our computers, so you do not need to enter a Logon/User ID (Username) or Password to use them.  This is also true if you are using the NTC wireless network to access them using a personal laptop.
Off campus access to these resources is through a Proxy Server.  In most cases you should see an NTC logon page.
Enter the same Username and Password that you use to access MyNTC, Blackboard or the NTC computer network.
Username:  (Your student ID number)
Password:  (Example: jado1234)
Default Password (lowercase)
First two letters of first name     Jane = ja
First two letters of last name     Doe = do
Last four digits of Social Security Number - XXX-XX-1234
Several NTC databases do not provide off campus access via the NTC Proxy Server.  You will need to enter an NTC provided username and password for access to those specific databases.  Contact the Library for more information at or 715.803.1115.


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