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1603 Champagne Street Merrill, WI 54452

NTC’s Public Safety Center of Excellence serves as the premier emergency management training facility for northern Wisconsin. The state-of-the-art, advanced training provided at the facility is completed in a technically integrated and realistic format, allowing learners to mimic real-life critical events in a controlled environment.
The 36-acre site is located on the edge of the City of Merrill, an area rich with a natural environment suitable for multiple uses, including water rescue and wilderness training.

Center Facilities

A - Single family home with basement

Four bedroom single family dwelling used for firefighter search and rescue, EMS patient care and extrication, and Law Enforcement room clearing and tactical evolutions.

B - Trailer/Mobile Home Response Prop

Trailer/Mobile family dwelling used for firefighter search and rescue, EMS patient care and extrication, and Law Enforcement room clearing and tactical evolutions.

C - Trench Rescue Training

The Trench Rescue prop simulates conditions that may exist when construction of water and sewer lines is taking place. Students are given the opportunity to develop trench rescue shoring skills in a controlled environment while simultaneously communicating with team members that are either in the trench or on the outer edge.

D - Railroad crossing and railcar training props

Railroad crossing with railcars to enhance a response to a railcar derailment, hazmat spill and much more.

E - Collapse venues for search and rescue and K9 training

A real world building collapse prop to train emergency responders in search and rescue, recovery, and incident investigations.

F - Campsite approach training site

Realistic campsite training prop to teach law enforcement approach to camp site criminal incidents, firefighters response to campfire situations, and EMS response to medical and traumatic injuries encountered at a campsite.

G - Deer stand approach & rescue training site

Two different model tree stands to train emergency personnel in responding to medical emergencies and law enforcement approaches to hunters found in tree stands.

H - Rural wooded area for search and rescue and SWAT

Five acres of wooded and marshland to aid responders in search and rescue, SWAT operations, and other rural responses.

I - Driving Simulator “All Hazards”

State of the art indoor driving simulators that includes driving simulations in a squad car, fire engine, ambulance, and commercial truck.

J - Air medical landing zone training site

Area used for air medical landing zone preparation and patient loading evolutions.

K - Water rescue and recovery training site

Water reservoir used for water rescue and water recovery scenarios to better train the responder in water emergencies.

L - Restaurant Response Training

Replicated restaurant used for emergency response to commercial eatery emergencies and a briefing room co-located for planning and command briefings.

M - Indoor shooting simulator

State of the art computerized indoor shooting simulator used for law enforcement response to firearm high stress situations.

N - Leak detection field

Leak detection field is to train public service utility employees in the detection of gas leaks.

O - LP gas burn simulators for fire training

Five different gas props to aid firefighter classes in fire response training. Including a vehicle fire, dumpster fire, gas grill fire, LP tank fire, and fire extinguisher training.

P - Vehicle extrication pad 0and downed power lines simulator

Location to perform vehicle extrication training and downed power line response.

Q - Four story certified burn tower with rope repelling capabilities

Certified four story burn tower capable of live fire training for firefighter training, patient extrication for EMS, building clearing for Law Enforcement, and rope repelling/rescue for all hazards.

R - Fire splash tower

Fire splash tower used for firefighter ladder evolutions and tactical rope use during tactical courses.

S - State of the art command and technology center with briefing room

State of the art incident command and tactical operations facility, including camera, sound, and lighting controls throughout the facility. Briefing room for instruction including a SMART board to playback scenarios and evolutions.

T - Search and rescue building with instructor catwalk

Five room search and rescue open building used for firefighter search and rescue, EMS patient removal, and Law Enforcement tactical operations. Catwalk above allows instructor views of all operations occurring.

U - Four “Main St” business district buildings for urban simulation trainings

Urban street training businesses to including replicated props and furniture to simulate real-life scenarios.

V - EVOC and CEVO skid pad and defensive driving area

3 acre skid pad used for CEVO and EVOC courses in defensive driving operations.

W - DOT regulated traffic standards

DOT regulated traffic control lights with instructor controls of the light rotations.

X - Two lane roadway with DOT signage, centerline and fog line

Roadway used for emergency responses and traffic incident management training.

Y - Dry hydrant location for rural fire water operations

Rural fire pumping operations with obtaining water supply from a “dry hydrant” location.

Z - Classroom location with three classrooms.

Main classroom facility includes 3 state of the art classrooms, a student break room, and a 3 stall apparatus bay that houses NTC Med 2, NTC Engine 1, and NTC Engine 2.

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Course Offerings


Learn to apply proper principles in solving fire-related problems and master the knowledge and techniques to save lives and property through NTC’s fire training courses.

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NTC’s Public Safety Center of Excellence offers EMS training ranging from ACLS and PALS Basic and Refresher courses to a Paramedic Technician Associate Degree.

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Law Enforcement

NTC is proud to train the next generation of the law enforcement workforce, as our graduates go on to provide an invaluable service to local communities.

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