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Wood Technology Center of Excellence

Located in Antigo, Wis., NTC’s Wood Technology Center of Excellence is a one-of-a-kind, 27,000 square foot facility dedicated to preparing students for careers in the forest products and woodworking industry.

We Prepare You

Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-driven curriculum, our graduates are ready for a field that boasts over one million jobs nationwide.

Our students have access to the latest design software and manufacturing equipment, allowing them to learn about product design and engineering, quality assurance, material science, manufacturing and sales. The Center contains $1.5 million in state-of-the-art design and fabrication equipment, including:

  • CNC routers
  • Wood moulders
  • Optimizing ripsaw
  • Optimizing chopsaw
  • Widebelt sander
  • Planers
  • Shapers
  • Cabinet saws
  • Profile grinders
  • Dry kilns
  • CNC template router
  • CAD computer lab
  • Sawmill
  • Briquetting press
  • Environmental chamber
  • Mechanical Testing Lab

Strength Properties Tester

A Strength Properties Tester allows students to compare different wood types in order to choose the right materials, based not only on how they handle stress and strain, but also to ensure safety and comply with standards.

High-Tech Equipment

Students use high-tech precision equipment, including Optimizing Ripsaws, which are designed to increase production, provide better feeding accuracy and maximize lumber yield.

We Also Offer Three Post-Secondary Programs

  • 1

    Wood Science Associate Degree

    Choose from the Business & Engineering or Furniture Design & Craftsmanship tracks.

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  • 2

    Wood Technology Technical Diploma

    Skills-based, one-year program that can get you into the workforce quickly.

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  • 3

    CNC Router Certificate

    Short-term certificate that teaches you how to program and operate a CNC Wood Router.

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World Class Education

Simply put, we provide training that you can’t find anywhere else. As the only Wood Science Associate Degree program in North America, we deliver a unique education that will allow you to make an impact in the wood technology industry. And because we’re recognized nationwide as a leader in training, our graduates are actively recruited by business leaders not only from Wisconsin, but across the United States.

With your well-rounded education, which covers everything from log scaling and grading to international sales, your career possibilities are plentiful. Upon graduation, you’ll be qualified for nearly two dozen different positions within the industry, including:

  • Management Trainee
  • Sales Representative
  • Furniture Designer/Maker
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Production Supervisor
  • Moulder Technician
  • Lean Manufacturing Specialist
  • Hardwood Lumber Inspector
  • Wood Technologist
  • Hardwood Log Scaler/Grader
  • Wood Products Field Inspector
  • Dry Kiln Operator
  • EWP Technical Support Specialist
  • Headrig Sawyer
  • International Lumber Trader
  • Grinderman
  • Log Procurement
  • CAD / CAM Specialist
  • Production Superintendent
  • Lumber Buyer
  • CNC Specialist
  • Production Scheduler
  • Machine Operator (various machines)

Cater Your Education to Your Interests

There’s even an opportunity for you to choose your own track within our Wood Science Associate Degree, allowing you to cater your education to your interests. The Business & Engineering Technology track allows you to examine the use of sustainable biomaterials and learn more about management styles, while the Furniture Design & Craftsmanship track encourages you to challenge the status quo by creating your own style and displaying it in hand-crafted furniture.

Industry Based Training

The Wood Technology Center of Excellence isn’t used exclusively for our academic programs. The facility also acts as a hub for high-quality, industry based training sessions for leading wood manufacturing companies.

When a training need is identified, we develop a customized session and then bring in the right industry experts to facilitate it.

Examples of trainings include:

  • Dry Kiln Operation
  • Hardwood Lumber and Log Inspection
  • CNC Router Operation
  • Moulder Technician Training
  • Softwood Lumber Inspection
  • Custom Furniture Design & Construction

For more information on NTC's current Continuing Education courses or to schedule a training, please contact Travis Allen at 715.623.7601, Ext. 7723 or allen@ntc.edu.

Inspect Wood Products

Our students learn to inspect wood products according to industry standards, operate technologically advanced equipment and design efficient manufacturing processes.

Safe Operation and Machine Maintenance

Students are taught the safe operation and proper maintenance of machinery used in secondary wood manufacturing plants.

Furniture Design & Craftsmanship

The Furniture Design & Craftsmanship track provides the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to produce hand-crafted furniture.

Langlade County - Educational and Employment Hub

The Langlade County region, where the Wood Technology Center of Excellence is located, is one of the worldwide leaders in forest products manufacturing. In addition, Wisconsin is the top state in the nation for wood-related jobs, employing over 64,000 workers.

Together, this means you’ll be coming not only to a leading educational spot, but a premier employment location as well.

And while you’re here, you can take advantage of the many outdoor opportunities available in Langlade County. With numerous biking, hiking and snowmobiling trails, in addition to 842 natural lakes and 127,000 acres of hunting grounds, outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty of activities to fill their leisure time.


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