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Disability Services

We provides accommodations that allow students with disabilities to fully participate in the technical college environment. We work individually with qualified students to approve and provide reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access to all programs. We also support students through a variety of other non-mandated services to encourage successful completion of their education. Requests for services are voluntary. Disclosure of this information will not affect your enrollment status, placement into programs, classes or financial aid.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are reasonable accommodations, intended to make classes equally accessible while maintaining established course standards. We offer various types of academic accommodations.

  • Testing Accommodations

    • Extended test time
    • Reduced distraction area
    • Speech software
    • Alternative test formats
  • E-Text (Accessible Books)

    E-text is an electric version of the printed copy of the textbook. This accommodation allows a student to listen to books with free text-to-speech software

  • Accessible Classroom Material

    • Class recordings
    • Recorder
    • SmartPen
    • IVC (Internet Video Conferencing) if available
    • Accessible notes or PowerPoint presentations
    • Sign language interpreters
  • Adaptive Equipment

    • Talking calculators
    • Assistive listening devices
    • CCTVs
    • Daisy readers
    • Accessible tables

Other academic accommodations are also available based on documentation and student needs. If you have any questions about accommodations that you may need but don't see listed, please contact us.

Additional Disability Services

  • Transition Services

    • One-on-one Assistance
    • Promote self-advocacy
    • Preparation assistance
  • Resource Lab With Software

    • Text-to-speech software
    • Screen reader software
    • Voice input software
    • Screen magnification software
    • Accessible workstations
  • Resource Support

    • User support for assistive equipment and software
    • Assistance in obtaining E-Text
    • Assistance in obtaining testing accommodations
    • Equipment loans
    • Tutoring referrals
  • Case Management Services

    We offer specialized disability related advising and counseling to meet the student's individual needs.


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