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Human Services

CEU requirements for Social Workers are found at MPSW 19.02 (1): “every marriage and family therapist, professional counselor, social worker, advanced practice social worker, independent social worker, and clinical social worker shall complete at least 30 continuing education credit hours in approved continuing education programs during each 2 year credential period.”

Do people in this field understand the following paragraph?....I know I don't :P

Based on MPSW 19.03 (e), NTC continuing education credits are approved based on our status of an accredited college. “Continuing education programs, if relevant to the professional practice of marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, or social work, are approved as follows: (e) Any course or continuing education program offered by an accredited college or university.”

Is the following paragraph complete?

NTC as a regionally and nationally accredited college, is an authorized provider of continuing education units in the Human Services fields including Clinical Supervisor, Counseling, and.....Addiction Specialist???

More Information

For more information on any of NTC’s Continuing Education offerings, please call Amanda Brzezinski, Continuing Education Assistant, at 715.803.1965 or email ce@ntc.edu.