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Disbursement & Refunds

After we receive notification that your FAFSA has been completed, a confirmation letter will be mailed to you. You will then be notified through your NTC email account when your financial aid awards become available. You must then accept, edit, or decline your awards for them to be processed.

Receiving Your Refund

Setting up your refund choice is an important step to take, because even if you don’t qualify for a refund this semester, you may in the future. Please ensure that you keep your mailing address current within myNTC.

If you qualify for a financial aid refund, you have the choice to have the money sent to your bank account via electronic deposit, or set up a Vibe Account through BankMobile Disbursements. BankMobile Vibe is a checking account with a debit card that has no monthly fee or minimum balance for students.

After you’ve been accepted into a financial-aid eligible program and have enrolled in classes you will receive a Refund Selection Kit with a Personal Code in the mail. You then have to complete the following easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your unique Personal Code
  3. Select how you’d like to receive your money
  4. Complete your profile

You will be notified by email once your refund has been deposited to your BankMobile Vibe account. Account details can also be viewed by visiting

Alternatively, you can generate your own personal code by visiting and entering a few key pieces of information to initiate the refund process.

Contact Us

For more information on disbursements and refunds, please contact either NTC or BankMobile.