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The following policies and procedures are important to keep in mind regarding the awarding and distribution of financial aid.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Your financial aid disbursement dates can differ depending on your enrollment status. Students who start classes partway through the semester and Virtual College students follow different processes than students on the traditional semester schedule.

All Students

Loans for each semester are disbursed twice, with half being distributed at the beginning of the semester and the remainder being released after the midpoint of the semester. If you drop below half-time enrollment (fewer than six credits) before the midpoint, the second half of your student loans will be cancelled.

Please note that if you have a Federal student loan balance of $0 you are considered to be a first-time borrower. NTC is required to disburse loans to first-time borrowers no earlier than 30 days after the start of classes, meaning your timeline for receiving funds may differ from standard distribution dates.

Late Start Students

Financial aid awards for Late Start students are based on the number of credits you have on the initial day you enroll in classes. Because of this, even if you add classes to your schedule at any point moving forward, your financial aid award will still be based upon the number of credits you signed up for on your initial day of enrollment. Funds are disbursed no later than 14 days after your first scheduled day of classes.

Virtual College Students

Disbursement for all types of aid will begin 30 days after your start date, provided that academic activity has been confirmed in your online courses. Pending aid will be reduced prior to disbursement for any class that has an NS (No Show) or F grades entered due to a lack of activity.