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NTC Glossary

Adobe Connect: An online conferencing tool that allows our students to attend a face to face class (that is utilizing adobe connect) from anywhere they have a computer and an internet connection. They see a video of the instructor, hear the instructor's voice and can see any documents the instructor shares. They are also able to interact through a text chat or possibly through voice if the instructor allows it. These sessions can then also be recorded and made available to students for review or catch up.

Blackboard: is an online tool used by many instructors at NTC to make course materials and information available to students through the Internet. Instructors can post announcements, the syllabus, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, discussion questions, student grades, and more for any type of course from fully online to face-to-face.  Students have access only to the courses in which they are enrolled and only when the instructor makes the course available in Blackboard. Depending on the instructor, students may also use Blackboard to submit assignments, participate in online discussions and/or group work, and take tests.

Centers of Excellence: NTC’s Centers of Excellence focus on expanding and developing the natural assets and resources in a particular community. By creating educational programs and instructional services that are geographically located adjacent to regional economic assets, the College provides value-added services in support of local economic development. NTC has four Centers of Excellence: Agriculture Center of Excellence, Apprenticeship Center of Excellence, Public Safety Center of Excellence and Wood Technology Center of Excellence.

Individualized Technical Studies: The Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree program offers students the opportunity to obtain skills and knowledge offered at NTC, meet the needs of their career goals and meet the needs of business and industry. Students earn their degree by acquiring skills and knowledge tailored to their specific employment needs. Individuals interested in the Individualized Technical Studies program are encouraged to meet with an Career Coach to begin planning their personalized degree program.
Intramural Athletics and Recreational Sports Program: NTC’s athletic programs provide a variety of intramural competitions and leisure sports activities. Students can join leagues for flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball. Golf and bowling are other college-wide activities that are sponsored by SGB.  Through a cooperative agreement, NTC students may use the field house at the University of Wisconsin - Marathon County (UWMC). Weightlifting, swimming, racquetball, wallyball, pickup basketball and volleyball games are all available for students.

iTunes U: A powerful distribution system where we house recorded lectures and other videos for some of our classes. These recordings can then be streamed on your computer or downloaded and imported onto your ipod for later viewing or listening.

MyNTC: provides convenient access to Northcentral Technical College's web self-services for applicants, students, faculty and staff.  With numerous content channels, the information you need is at your fingertips. Log in with your MyNTC id to get started.

Student Governing Board: The Student Governing Board (SGB) represents the entire NTC student body (day, evening, regional campuses, ITV, Youth Options and Independent Study). The purpose of the organization is to provide students with a forum for discussing campus affairs that concern students. SGB has officers elected by the student body and a representative from each of the campus clubs. The Board meets twice a month where student concerns are discussed. Other avenues for communicating with SGB include email, sgb@ntc.edu, or phone, 715.803.1265.


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