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This page serves as a table of contents for our pattern library. Please see descriptions for usage guidelines and recommendations for each type.

Full Width Promotional Page

This page type is best used for large promotional things, or things that need a lot of visual draw or chunking of information.

View Full-Width Promotional Template

Full Width Informational Page (Level 1)

This page type is for pages that are informational in nature, and should be used in a fairly simple, linear fashion. Clear hierarchy and calls to action are a must on these pages.

View Full-Width Informational (Level 1) Template

Full Width Informational Page (Level 2)

Similar to the level one informational page, this design should be used for linear, information-focused pages that are fairly simple in nature. This one should be used as for tertiary pages (pages that are at least two or three levels deep in the hierarchy of the website).

View Full-Width Informational (Level 2) Template


The microsite page type is for complex informational pages which have several subpages. It allows large topics to be broken down into several subtopics and also allows for direct links to certain areas/information within a given topic.

View Microsite Template

Microsite Subpage

See above for usage guidelines/recommendations, but this is the template for the subpage. Not much of anything changes, other than a few classes and design tweaks in the heading area.

View Microsite Subpage Template


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