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tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are established annually (June 1 through May 30) by the Wisconsin Technical College board.  Learn more about tuition rates for the current or upcoming semester.

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financial aidThe Financial Aid program at NTC helps students continue their education by offering grants, loans and work-study programs to students who qualify for assistance. When you apply for aid, your own savings and earnings in addition to your family’s financial resources will be used to determine your need for financial help.


scholarship Scholarships are available through the NTC Foundation for students accepted into a program at NTC and planning to carry at least six credits a semester. Applications become available in August and December.

Federal and State VA benefits are available to veterans, service members, and qualifying family members. Many factors including type of service, type of discharge, and length of service will determine what Federal and/or State benefit a student is eligible for.


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