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Many NTC programs require students to complete an internship experience. Internships allow students to get hands-on, practical work experience in their area of study, while earning college credit. NTC understands the importance of internships and how they can lead to possible job placement.

Internship Availability

Internships are offered or required in a number of our programs. Check the complete internship availability list to see if your program offers or requires internships.

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IT Internships Now Available Through the INTERFACE Grant

NTC is piloting a new internship program, starting with the Information Technology programs. We are taking a proactive approach in reaching out to local employers that support and partner with NTC, to help students find IT - work-related opportunities to complete their internship experience.

Students interested in IT internships:

To start the internship process, you’ll need to first meet with an advisor or IT instructor, then complete the items outlined in the IT Internship Handbook.

Contact your advisor

Employers looking for IT Interns:

If you’re an employer looking for an intern, contact us or post your opening on Wisconsin TechConnect, a free job posting service targeted to a technically-skilled workforce.

Post to TechConnect

Business Partnerships

NTC has teamed up with many local businesses to provide internship opportunities to students. Some of the businesses partnering with NTC are:

  • Asprius
  • Aqua Finance
  • Church Mutual
  • Collaborative Domestic Solutions Center
  • Connexus Credit Union
  • CoVantage Credit Union — Antigo
  • The Dirks Group
  • Dream Systems
  • Eastbay
  • E.O. Johnson Business Technologies
  • Greenheck Fan Corporation
  • Marathon Cheese
  • RMM Solutions
  • Skyward Inc.
  • Wausau Financial Systems
  • Weather Shield Windows and Doors — Medford
  • River Valley Bank


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