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Undecided Students

Did you know that you don’t have to select a program of intent to get started at NTC? You can apply and begin your college career here as an undecided student, while getting many valuable benefits.

It Pays to Be Undecided

Not only is it okay to be undecided, but it can also benefit you in the long run. In more ways than one, it pays to be an undecided student at NTC.

Get Valuable Hands on Experience

During your time as an undecided student, you’ll have the ability to experience potential future careers through hands-on career exploration in our state-of-the-art labs and simulation centers. You’ll also have the opportunity to job shadow industry professionals and program shadow current students.

Save Money

We are the most affordable option for higher education in the area and you can transfer your credits to continue your education while developing the employable skills you need to enter the workforce. By beginning college here, you can save money while determining where your path will lead you.

College Type Average Cost Per Year
NTC $3,852.00
2-Year UW $4,750.32
4-Year UW $6,964.82
Private, For-Profit $18,918.07
Private $28,553.00

Still not convinced?

As an undecided student, you will receive one-on-one support from dedicated advisor, Tracy Ravn. Tracy will work closely with you to explore potential careers, earnings and jobs that are available in our area. She will ensure that you receive the guidance needed to explore career options and eventually choose the academic program that’s best suited for you.

Start by Applying

To begin as an undecided student, get started by filling out our application and selecting Undecided when completing the Program selection portion of the form.

Once we receive your application, Tracy will follow up with you to develop a customized career exploration plan. You’ll work with Tracy to discuss your interests and determine a plan that’s fit for you, so that you can work towards choosing the right career.

Apply Now


If you have questions about applying as an undecided student, or if you would just like to discuss the many benefits available to you as an undecided student, please give Tracy Ravn a call or send her an email.

Tracy Ravn

K-12 Pathways Director

If you want to talk more about applying as undecided, contact your dedicated advisor Tracy.


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