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Credit Through Testing

Credit Granted by College Developed Performance Criteria
Students may be granted credit if they demonstrate course competencies through college developed performance tests and practical exams.  Please review the form below and contact the Student Records Office for more information.  A referral will be made to the appropriate program division for evaluation.  If a student demonstrates course competencies through a performance test or exam, a 25 percent of tuition charge per credit is owed for the credit evaluation.
Please note a student is not eligible for credit through testing if they have attempted the course during a previous term.

Credit Granted By Standardized Tests
Successful completion of national standardized tests may meet course requirements and be eligible for college credit.  Credits will be granted based on American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations for passing scores.  For Advanced Placement (AP) tests, a student must receive a score of 3 or above to be eligible for credit.  The original copy of the test results is required to be reviewed by NTCs Registrar’s Office.  Please contact the Student Records Office for more information.  


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