Transfer Credits from Other Post-Secondary Institutions

Transfer of Credits from Other Post-Secondary Institutions
NTC may accept credits from other regionally accredited technical colleges and universities.  Courses from non-regionally accredited colleges will also be considered for credit if credits, credit hours, competencies and lab components are equivalent.   Credits may transfer if the following conditions are met:
  • Course(s) are identified on an official transcript
  • A minimum grade of “C” (grade point average 2.0 on a 4.0 scale) was earned in the course
  • Course being transferred is equivalent in content and meets or exceeds the credit value of the NTC course
  • Credits accepted as transfer will not exceed NTCs credit value assigned to the course
  • Course is directly applicable to the degree or technical diploma program being pursued
A minimum of 25 percent of overall credit and program credit requirements must be directly earned through graded coursework at NTC for program graduation.  Students cannot obtain advanced standing, credit granted and/or transfer credit for more than 75 percent of the required program credits.  A minimum of 50 percent of credit requirements for certificates must be directly earned through graded coursework at NTC. 
For an official transfer credit evaluation, official transcripts should be sent directly to NTCs Admission’s office from the college the student is requesting transfer credits.  NTC does not accept transcripts as official transcripts if transcripts were originally or directly sent to the student. 
Transfer Information System
The Transfer Information System is a web-based interactive program that allows Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and University of Wisconsin System (UW) students to see how credits may transfer between WTCS and UW campuses.
This student-friendly website is full of current, accurate information, including a comprehensive collection of links and resources to use if you are considering a transfer.
Use the Credit-Transfer Wizard to see how courses you have taken, are taking, or plan to take, may transfer to or from any UW or WTCS campus.
Credits from Rasmussen College or Globe University
View the links to see how courses you have taken at either Rasmussen College or Globe University may transfer to NTC.  


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