Academies | Northcentral Technical College


Academies provide partnering school districts an opportunity to work together with NTC to offer college level coursework to students, providing a pathway to higher education.

Earn Up To 16 College Credits in High School

Academies are composed of Dual Credit courses within the same Career Cluster, allowing high school students to earn 11-16 college credits that ladder seamlessly into NTC programs or other institutions of higher education.

Available Academies

NTC offers academies in the following areas of specialty:

  • Digital Business
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health
  • Industrial Electronics & Maintenance Technician
  • Manufacturing

Get Started


If you’re a junior or senior interested in one of NTC’s academies, contact your school counselor to get started.


If you’re interested in starting an academy at your school, contact Tracy Ravn at or 715.803.1782.


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