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Dual Credit Academies

Dual Credit Academies are taught by high school instructors in high school, with your peers, during regular school hours.

Dual Credit academies allow students to enroll in multiple dual credit courses, all related to a specific career pathway. Numerous schools offer academies where students from multiple schools meet together to earn 9–15 college credits in the following program areas:

Dual Credit courses are courses that allow you to earn college credit while in high school. Our academies are dual credit courses that are grouped by topic. [[[Academies are designed to maximize the amount of college credit that you can earn in a specific topic so that when you graduate and go to college…]]].For example, if you’re considering going into a health care field you may want to do the health academy to earn as many applicable credits as possible before beginning college. Through our academies you can earn up to 9-15 college credits. [[[Classes are taught by high school teachers who are certified...]]]

  • Culinary & Hospitality {Northern schedule}
  • Digital Marketing & Business {Northern and Western schedule}
  • Early Childhood Education {Western schedule}
  • Electrical Maintenance {Northern schedule}
  • Health {Northern and Western schedule}
  • Manufacturing Technician {Western schedule}

Get Started

To get started with a Dual Credit Academy, contact your high school counselor or NTC Career Coach.