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At long last, here is the essential human element in patient simulation — the mannequin that moves, breathes, lives and dies so realistically and compellingly that medical education will never be the same. Developed with the United States Army, iStan is durable enough for combat and built for life and is completely wireless. Procedures that can be performed on iStan include defibrillation, chest tube, catheterization, and needle decompression. He can also "drool, cry, and bleed out of his ears."

Designed from the inside out, METI has created the first patient simulator truly based around a human-like skeletal structure, a revolutionary development in itself.  iStan also closely mimics the anatomical workings of the human body to a level of realism not possible with other simulators. Spine, neck, arms and hips all move with incredible life-like accuracy. 

iStan is fully wireless and battery operated for amazing portability and versatility. Modeled from a unique cast of a real person, the skin of iStan truly acts, looks and feels like real human skin. Finally, iStan comes fully loaded, boasting an unsurpassed array of new, breakthrough features that will take simulation training to a new and exciting level of realism.
iStan rescue dummy



  • Public Safety