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Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety is a course of instruction designed to reduce the number of traffic violations and traffic crashes in Wisconsin. The course can be taken to reduce the number of demerit points on a driver’s license. The Traffic Safety course also meets the requirements necessary for a failure to yield right-of-way course.

Course Description

Participants will examine their driving behavior and review traffic laws and penalties. Emphasis will be placed on ways to drive responsibly. The Traffic Safety School will show participants how to develop a change plan to reduce their risk of traffic violations and crashes.

There are four basic premises of the course:

  1. People can change their behavior if they have the motivation and tools to do so.
  2. People are responsible for the choices they make. Students assigned to this class have the power to choose making better informed driving decisions
  3. Students will benefit from this course if they realize that knowledge, behavior, attitude, and feeling are interrelated.
  4. Workbook activities and assignments are designed to encourage students to evaluate the personal meaning of information they learn in the traffic Safety class.

Course Details

Length of Class

The ground rules are relatively simple, but must be taken seriously. Due to the short length of the class — 12 hours (four sessions of three hours each) there are no acceptable excuses for missing a Traffic Safety class session. Dismissal from the class can occur if the student reflects the idea, either verbally or by not completing assignments that the course is not worth the student’s time.


Students must register for the Traffic Safety course and pay the required course fees prior to the start of the class. Each student must purchase the Traffic Safety workbook ($8.00 plus tax, subject to change) prior to attending the first session. Cost of the class is $62.66 for classes starting after August 1, 2017. Student workbooks are available at the NTC Campus Store.


Traffic Safety classes are currently conducted on the NTC-Wausau campus every other month and the NTC-Medford campus on an as-needed basis.


Upon successful completion of the Traffic Safety Course, students will be allowed to request a three (3) point reduction of their demerit points. This course can be taken for point reduction purposes once every three (3) years.


To register or for available class dates and times, please contact NTC Registration. Pre-registration is required. You may enroll in person at NTC or call our registration staff at 715.675.3331 Ext. 5861 (toll free: 888.682.7144 Ext. 5861).

You can also register for the course online. Payment of the course registration fee is due at the time of registration.

For further information, please contact Roxie at 715.803.1521 or Dan Knoblock at 715.803.1518 (toll free at 888.682.7144 Ext. 1521 or Ext. 1518).


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