We honor our students as they prepare to cross the graduation stage and continue their journey as NTC alumni.

We celebrate our students as they prepare to take the next step after crossing our graduation stage.

Our alumni go on to do great things in the community and their strong connection to NTC is what keeps bringing them back to campus as volunteers, lifelong learners and donors who give back through scholarships.

Hear From Our Graduates

Each student has a unique story to tell as they worked to complete their classes while balancing multiple responsibilities.

Samantha posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap in the hallway.

Fall 2021 Grad
Samantha Hawkey

I am very grateful I took the opportunity to be an active student at NTC because it has helped me develop everlasting interpersonal skills as well as helped me decide what I want to continue to do in my life.
Molly Rydeski standing in an NTC hallway, wearing a festive holiday sweater and a graduation cap.

Fall 2021 Grad
Molly Rydeski

After two and a half years in my program, Welding Fabrication and Robotics, I can truthfully say I have made lifelong relationships, learned many new and useful skills, and have grown so much as a person.
Erik posing with a diploma in hand on graduation cap on his head.

Fall 2021 Grad
Erik Bottlemy

I know the support I have received will continue as I progress through my second program at NTC next semester. After that I’ll head to Marian college to complete my double major in Psychology and Social Work.
Zachary sitting in a chair while wearing a graduation cap, near the main entrance of the NTC Wausau campus.

Fall 2021 Grad
Zachary Asmundsen

From long study sessions to celebrating each small victory along the way, this was definitely a team effort. The bond I have created with my fellow nursing students is one of the best parts of this journey.
Ella standing in the hallway at NTC, smiling, while wearing a light blue hoodie.

Fall 2021 Grad
Ella Johnson

I liked all the teachers I had while attending my veterinary science classes. With my degree, we had a wide range of learning opportunities from small to large animals.
Melissa Laporte

Melissa Laporte

Whether you are graduating with a degree in business, Dental Hygiene, Welding, Nursing, or the any of the many other programs offered at NTC, never stop learning.

Raquel Treptow

If you surround yourself with smart, intelligent people, you cannot fail. They will not let you.

Outstanding Graduates

NTC is proud of our students’ academic achievements. Each semester, one graduate who goes above and beyond is chosen to represent their program of study as the outstanding graduate.

Jessica Dassow
Accounting Assistant
Kaila Hutchison
Automation Systems Technology
Hunter Brandner
Automotive Technology
Amy McCaslin
Business Management
Samantha Hawkey
Business Operations
Bethany Marcott
Dairy Science
Autumn Salzwedel
Digital Marketing
Melonie Eternicka
Early Childhood Education
Caitlin Thao
Early Childhood Teacher
Sheila Krueger
Electromechanical Technology
Daniel Seidlitz
Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic
Stephen Britton
Fire Services Leadership
Douglas Ripplinger
Foundations of Teacher Education
Kendell Waughtal
Health Care Business Administration
Fernidia Gomez Castillo
Human Services Assistant
Skyla Tasch
Human Services Associate
Alexis Schreiner
IT – Cybersecurity Specialist
Hunter Reiff
IT – Database Specialist
Dorie Gorecki
IT – Mobile Application Developer
Tracy Hoefs
IT – Network Specialist
Hunter Kanzelberger
IT – Software Developer
Christopher Frank
Leadership Development
Khrysten Flugaur
Marketing, Sales and Service
Allison Henke
Mechanical Design Engineering Technology
Troy Olund
Medical Assistant
Cassie Lambrecht
Medical Coding Specialist
Linda Michalewicz
Medical Office Specialist
Nicole Sanchez
Chelsea Jenness
Paramedic Technician
Mackenzie Points
Substance Abuse Counselor Education
Jeanette Flucke
Substance Use Disorder Counseling
Laura Sliwicki
Technical Studies – Journey Worker
Jed Holsen
Veterinary Science
Ella Johnson
Video Production
Amber Fleischman

The NTC Experience in One Word

Graduates summarized their college experience using one word to represent the journey.

Graduation Wordcloud Affordable Accomplishment Grateful Insightful Whirlwind Rewarding Enlightening Support Accommodating Encouraging Transformative Understanding Helpful Enriching Awesome Family Lovely Fabulous Fulfilling Lifechanging Ever-changing

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