Voting Now Open for 2016-17 SGA Executive Board

(Wausau, Wis.)  Student Life at Northcentral Technical College (NTC) invites all current NTC students to vote for the 2016-17 Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board.  Voting is currently open online and will remain open until 10:00 a.m. on Friday, May 6. 

SGA pawThe Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the students of NTC and represents the entire NTC student body. The purpose of SGA is to provide students with a forum for discussing campus affairs concerning students.  The members of the four-person executive board are responsible to organize inter-group events, take advisory roles in budgeting and programming, ensure strong student presence at NTC, and promote student advocacy.

Let your voice be heard by participating in this year’s election. For more information on each candidate, view the candidate profiles online. Then submit your online ballot.

Thank you for your participation.

PAS Club Attends, Competes at National Conference

(Wausau, Wis.)  Members of the Northcentral Technical College (NTC) Postsecondary Agriculture Student (PAS) Club attended the National PAS Conference in Kansas City, Missouri on March 14-19.

While traveling to the conference, students had the opportunity to stop at the John Deere Harvester Works in Moline, Illinois and have a guided tour of the John Deere Combine Factory.  Students also got to visit the John Deere Pavilion where a variety of new and old John Deere agriculture, construction, and forestry equipment was on display, along with a construction equipment simulator.

While attending the conference in Kansas City, the students were treated to a presentation by agriculture expert Damian Mason who brought a healthy mix of comedy and facts about agriculture that motivated students to think of the next step, the next level, and to cater to and understand our future customers.

livestock teamStudents who advanced from state-level competition also competed nationally at the conference.  According to Tim Mulrooney, PAS Club Advisor and Agriculture Equipment Technician Instructor, “While all of the students represented the college excellently, two students showed their academic excellence with a 2nd place in overall livestock. To add to that achievement, they did something rather unheard of by collaborating with Fox Valley Technical College to complete their team as we were short one member. For them to qualify for nationals and place 2nd is quite an achievement.” 

NTC congratulates the PAS students on their success at nationals.



The National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS) is an organization associated with agriculture/agribusiness and natural resources offerings in approved postsecondary institutions offering baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, diplomas and/or certificates.

PAS is one of the 11 career and technical student organizations that has been approved by the U. S. Department of Education as an integral part of career and technical education.

NTC Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month

(Wausau, Wis.)  Northcentral Technical College (NTC) joins with the nation to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April.  The goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities on how to prevent it.

“Sexual Assault is a crime.  The victims of the assault will never forget the feelings, the anger, and the degradation of the impact of the sexual assault.  They carry it with them the rest of their lives.  Some victims will tell you, they are able to forgive their assailant but they can never forget.  The perpetrators need to be held accountable and counseled in an effort to help those that want to stop their abusive behavior.  Laws are in place to do that.  However, the actual court process can re-victimize the victim or there are times the perpetrator gets off because of a technicality.

Every day there is at least one report of sexual assault.  My fear is society will become complacent after hearing this over and over instead of becoming angry and questioning why are we allowing this to continue, ” says Judy Woller, Executive Director HAVEN, Inc., the Household Abuse Victims Emergency Network serving Lincoln County. 

TRMSImagePreviewerSexual violence is a serious public health issue that affects all communities. As many as 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in college (Krebs, Lindquist, Warner, Fisher, & Martin, 2007), and while in college, one in 16 men have been victims of an attempted or completed assault (Krebs et al., 2007).  Northcentral Technical College prohibits all forms of illegal discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and coercion on campus and at College related activities and functions. NTC is required to investigate all allegations regarding sexual misconduct under Title IX. Sexual misconduct incorporates a wide range of behaviors including sexual assault (which includes rape and any kind of nonconsensual sexual contact), sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, voyeurism, and any other conduct of a sexual nature that is nonconsensual, or has the purpose or effect of threatening, intimidating, or coercing another person.

"Those of us who have suffered the indignity and pain of sexual assault are mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who may be holding the shame of the event from you. As victims and survivors, we shouldn't have to continue to handle this on our own. We did nothing wrong. Only by bringing this issue into the light will we be able to help others and heal ourselves,” states Debra Nyman, NTC Instructor.

The HAVEN 24-hour hotline providing help for domestic abuse/violence, sexual abuse/assault, child and elder abuse, stalking/harassment and human trafficking is 715-536-1300.

SGA Basket Raffle to Benefit The Women’s Community and The Neighbors’ Place

(Wausau, Wis.)  The Northcentral Technical College (NTC) Student Government Association (SGA) is once again proud to sponsor a basket raffle from April 18 – May 3.

“The SGA Basket Raffle is the biggest collaboration we have amongst our student clubs,” says Krista Reince, Student Life Activities & Event Specialist.  “Our student leaders have a tremendous passion to serve the community, and that passion really comes through in this event.”

A large variety of baskets have been donated by NTC student clubs, and all are on display in Student Life.  To earn tickets to use to enter the raffle, NTC students and employees are asked to bring personal care and non-perishable food items to Student Life.  These items will be donated to The Women’s Community and The Neighbors’ Place. 

The drawing will be held on Tuesday, May 3 during Spring Fling, and you do not need to be present to win.

Basket Raffle Poster

NTC Introduces New Online Financial Literacy Program for Students and Alumni

(Wausau, Wis.)  Northcentral Technical College (NTC) is pleased to partner with American Student Assistance (ASA) to provide students and recent alumni with a comprehensive online financial education program called “SALT.” 

Through SALT, students and alumni can enjoy free access to online resources including articles, eBooks, learning modules about budgeting, student loans and other important money-related topics.  In addition, SALT offers a series of interactive financial courses that provide users with tools to track borrowing and learn about student loan repayment options, access to a scholarship search tool connected to a database with over $14 billion in awards and access to expert loan counselors who are available by phone or through live chat. 

According to Jeff Cichon, Director of Financial Aid, “The goal of providing SALT as a resource to NTC students and alumni is help them become more financially savvy when it comes to borrowing, saving money, and paying for college. We want students to be more mindful of the choices they are making with their money and develop good financial habits that will help them achieve their future financial goals.”

NTC students and alumni who are interested in this new, free financial education program are encouraged to visit