4th Annual Race Through the Northwoods

NTC students and employees are invited to participate in the 4th Annual Race Through the Northwoods. This virtual race can be completed from anywhere by converting physical activity into miles to "race" around NTC's campuses for a total of 274 miles! Race begins Monday, February 18.

Please decide team name prior to registering. No team? No problem! Fill out the registration form, leave the team blank and we'll match you with a team.

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  • This is a friendly team (4 members) competitive virtual race designated to increase participants’ physical activity.
  • Physical activity must be dedicated time carved out of your day. Walking to and from your car doesn’t count nor does walking the aisles during grocery shopping.
  • 15 minutes of exercise (moderate or intense intensity) equals 1 mile.
  • You must attain at least 15 minutes of continuous physical activity to log. A 5 minute walk in the morning, 5 minute walk during lunch and 5 minute afternoon walk does not equal 15 minutes. A 15 minute morning walk does count.
  • When strength training, keep in mind the rule about continuous activity. If you worked out for 30 minutes at the gym, was it really 30 minutes? It only counts if you took less the 1 minute between sets (circuit training). If not, please estimate the total time.
  • Snow shoveling is not considered exercise. Even if you have a snow blower and you decide to hand shovel. Not acceptable for this challenge.
  • Logging physical activity is only available through our race FormStack form. All you need to do is enter your name, team name, date of activity, how many minutes of physical activity, and what type of physical activity. Save the link to your phone or tablet for easier access to log – Link will be available on 1st day of race.
  • Please try to submit activity as soon as you complete it. We want to keep the leaderboard updated as much as possible. The leaderboard will be updated two times per week, most likely on Thursdays and Mondays.
  • If you have questions about acceptable physical activity, please contact Matt Chitwood at chitwood@ntc.edu or 715.803.1217.
  • Please be honest when logging.
  • If teams reach 274 miles under 6 weeks, everyone is eligible for a chance to win Campus Store gift cards. All teams who finish the race (under no timeline) will receive a race t-shirt.

Map of Race Route

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