Activities and Events Calendar

We have many exciting events and opportunities in store for you this semester, and we encourage you to make the most of your college experience by becoming involved, expanding your horizons and having fun! Watch your NTC student email for a weekly message dedicated to the college's upcoming activities or stop by The Den and Student Leadership Center to find out more. Download the NTC app for a live calendar and connect with @ntctimberwolves on social media to stay current.

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Thursday6Scholarship Application WorkshopXXX
Monday10Towers of Kindness (throughout the week)XXX
Intramural Registration Opens: Coed Flag FootballX
Intramural Registration Closes: 3 vs 3 BasketballX
Intramural Registration Closes: Disc Golf LeagueX
Tuesday11Club/Advisor Orientation (option 1)XXX
Wednesday12Scholarship Application WorkshopXXX
Club/Advisor Orientation (option 2)XXX
Thursday13Packer PartyXX
Guessing Jar (throughout the week)XXX
Walk In Scholarship Assistance (throughout the week)XXX
Wednesday19Play It ForwardXXX
Friday21Central WI Science Engineering & FestivalX
Saturday22Central WI Science Engineering & FestivalX
Tuesday25Minute to Win ItXX
Friday28Intramural Registration Closes: Coed Flag FootballX


Monday1Collective Goods Book FairX
Tuesday2Collective Goods Book FairX
Monday8Intramural Registration Opens: Coed 6 vs 6 Indoor VolleyballX
Tuesday9Student Involvement FairX
Thursday11BLTs with ELTX
Monday15Homecoming Week: Play It ForwardXXX
Apply for December GraduationXXX
Tuesday16Homecoming Week: Comedian Tyler BoehX
Wednesday17Homecoming Week: Lunchtime TriviaX
Thursday18Homecoming Week: It's the Painted PumpkinX
Friday19Homecoming Week: Student vs Employee Game - KickballX
Saturday20Homecoming Week: Homecoming Hustle 5KX
Friday26Intramural Registration Closes: Coed 6 vs 6 Indoor VolleyballX
Saturday27Make a Difference DayXXX
Monday29Guessing Jar (throughout the week)XXX
Tuesday30Minute to Win ItXX


Thursday8Play It ForwardXXX
Monday12Gratitude Banner (throughout the week)XXX
Intramural Registration Opens: Coed DodgeballX
Graduation: Student Regalia and Tickets AvailableXXX
Wednesday14Happy SalmonX
Monday19Minute to Win ItXX
Monday25Guessing Jar (throughout the week)XXX
Tuesday27It Can Wait - Distracted Driving ProgramXXX
Friday30Intramural Registration Closes: Coed DodgeballX


Saturday1Breakfast with SantaX
Wednesday5Desserts with DeansX
Monday10Guessing Jar (throughout the week)XXX
Play It ForwardXXX
Saturday15Mid-Year GraduationXXX