Student Clubs

Student clubs provide you with unique opportunities to become engaged on campus and within the community. NTC students tell us the top four benefits of being in a club are:

  • Make new friends
  • Network with potential employers
  • Build your resume
  • Engage in volunteerism/community service

Check out current clubs below or consider starting a new one.

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Overview: Membership is comprised of students in the automotive programs. Participants fundraise throughout the year to atetnd the annual Chicago Auto Show.

Advisors: Ross Nevienski -, Randy Wesenick -

Overview: Members have access to $37 million in scholarships; state and national leadership functions; and social/service events designed to create professional connections. Membership is offered to students who have completed at least 12 credits with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA.

Advisors: Matt Chitwood -

Visit the PTK section of our website for more details.

Overview: BPA support students pursuing careers in accounting, business management, office administration, information technology, marketing, graphic design, and more. Annually they participate in regional, state, and national leadership conferences and competitions.

Advisors: Dianne Carroll -, Carrie Heckendorf -

Overview: We are students from a diverse mix of programs who are passionate about sharing our Timberwolf experience with peers and prospective students. We are known for our friendliness, enthusiasm, outstanding work ethic, and positive attitude. Click here to learn more about this unique group of students.

Advisors: Matt Chitwood -

Overview: DECA prepares leaders in business management, accounting, marketing/communication, entrepreneurship and hospitality/tourism. Annually members participate in state and national leadership conferences and competitions.

Advisors: Amy Gajewski -, Dianne Carroll -

Overview: Computer Club provides a venue for IT students to interact, share and learn from each other. The club also focuses on networking by bringing in local employers as speakers for club meetings and donating time/talents to the local community.

Advisors: Jake Seever -, Dominic Gruetzmacher -

Overview: With a strong tie to the local community and a focus on employability, members of the Criminal Justice Club will network with local employers and agencies through community service based events while tackling common interveiw questions at each club meeting. Their annual Spring Criminal Justice Conference is attended by students from across the state!

Advisors: Mr. Fiene -, Mr. Clarke -, Mr. Kleppe -

Overview: Tickle your tastebuds and put your culinary skills to work outside the classroom by participating in Culinary Arts Club. Annual participants in The Big Taste.

Advisors: Chef Derrick Vanzo -, Chef Travis Teska -, Chef Jon Reinke -

Overview: If you're looking to expand your professional skills and have a passion for service, look no further than the Dental Hygiene Club. With a focus on community involvement, professionalism and promoting oral hygiene, this club is always a contender for Club of the Year. Annually they participate in Star of the North.

Advisors: Deb Koziel -

Overview: New in the 2017-18 school year, Electromechanical Club exploded onto the scene with fundraisers and a drive that led them to RoboGames in California.

Advisors: Bryan Schroder -

Overview: Located at the Antigo campus, Forest Products Club is an active group that raises money for scholarships and club events.

Advisors: Travis Allen -

Overview: InterVaristy Christian Fellowship is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communitys of students and faculty.

Advisors: Chris Severson -, Jonathon Menard -

Overview: Open to all students, I-Sign hosts monthly events to bring together the Deaf Community and practice sign language skills. Their annual Winter Wonderland is a favorite event!

Advisors: Tamara Boornazian -, Vicki Shapiro -

Overview: With field trips to local employers, opportunities to manufacture parts (work experience!), and participation in Skills USA, members of Machinist's Club add another level to their classroom education while forming friendships along the way.

Advisors: Jeff Block -

Overview: The mission of the Medical Assistant Club is to provide a high quality experience and to learn how to embrace change, growth, and learning, in and out of the classroom setting so medical assistant students can contribute to a positive health care experience for future patients.

Advisors: Tera Wiesman -, Jenny Stieber -

Overview: The Medical Laboratory Technical Club creates opportunities for students to network with and learn from local employers during club meetings. They host two blood drives annually and participate in the ASCLS state conference and quiz bowl.

Advisors: Laura Ahonen -

Overview: As an active club on campus, members of NAHB can anticipate their employment, professional, and soft skills will grow through participation. Industry related field trips and the annual NAHB Construction Management Competition are members' favorites!

Advisors: Travis Severson -, Mike Block -

Overview: The purpose of the PAS is to provide opportunities to develop the skills needed to enter and advance in careers in agriculture, agribusiness, horticulture and natural resources. The National PAS provides opportunities for individual growth, leadership and career preparation. Annual participants in state and national PAS competitions.

Advisors: Charl Van der Nest -, Stephen Krueger -, Roy Hardy -

Overview: The purpose of Radiography Club is three fold: 1.) Develop professional relationships, leadership skills, communication skills, and team building skills with others in the field. 2.) To raise funds to assist with the financial costs of attendance at professional society meetings and meeting attendance and hold fun activities. 3.) To donate time for community service programs or a local charity.

Advisors: Marianne Rhodes -, Heidi Nichols -, Christina Priewe -

Overview: Give yourself a competitive employment edge with active participation in SNA. Club events are designed to connect you with local employers, increase your skills, enhance your learning, and create long-lasting bonds. SNA is a regluar contender for Club of the Year!

Advisors: Andrea Hebert -, Stephanie Bessert -

Overview: Utlizing the strengths of students from Graphic Communications, Video Productions, and IT, this is one club you don't want to miss! Participate in an annual film festival, collaborate with other clubs for production opportunities, and stretch your creative muscles.

Advisors: Jordan Innes -

Overview: Timberwolf Voices is the official voice of the student body, advocating on behalf of students to the campus community and the state. We work collaboratively with college officials and Student Life to ensure the rights, interests, and concerns of the student body are represented at every level of the College decision making process. Click here for more information.

Advisors: Krista Reince -, Shawn Sullivan -

Overview: Interested in meeting other veterans and service members? Connect with the Veterans Club to help you success while you're at NTC and after graduation.

Advisors: Tou Yang -, Heidi Nichols -, Ben Bliese -

Overview: The Wolfpack is your link to campus events and happenings. We work closely with Student Life to create the Timberwolf experience through event creation, promotion, and evaluation. Join us to help create the campus community. Click here for more information.

Advisors: Krista Reince -, Shawn Sullivan -

Overview: Phillips campus event planning, scholarship fundraising, and community service are just a touch of what student members enjoy about being connected with The Wolfpack at the Phillips campus.

Advisors: James Meier -

Overview: Join the Welding Club to network with potential employers, enhance teamwork skills, develop leadership skills, and participate in Skills USA.

Advisors: Dan Grabko -, Veronica Hope -, Robert Leafblad -, Brandon Loertscher -