Bill of Rights

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Purpose: To communicate expectations relating to student educational experiences at Northcentral Technical College. These rights are intended to create awareness that reflect student principles.

Northcentral Technical College students have the right to:

  1. Be free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, gender, disability, religion, or any other applicable legislated category.
  2. Be safe on Northcentral Technical College's property.
  3. Have the occupational skills, technology, equipment, and resources available to insure success upon graduation.
  4. Have access to counselors.
  5. Have adequate access to properly equipped labs.
  6. Have privacy regarding personal information.
  7. Evaluate college facilities and services provided by faculty and staff.
  8. Have learning activities/objectives begin and end at scheduled times unless a mutually agreed upon alternative is established.
  9. Hold faculty to the standards or policies which they hold students to, including attendance and office hours.
  10. Have inclement weather considered in regards to attendance, testing, labs, or other class-related issues.