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With so many job search resources available, it can be hard to know where to start your research. We’ve made it easier for you by compiling the following audio, video and written resources that cover everything from starting your job search, to the types of soft skills that can set you apart and help you land your dream job.

Videos and Audio Guides

Perhaps you’re just starting the job search process, and you need help with a resume and cover letter before you begin your search. Or maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to be selected to interview for a position, but you’re not sure what to expect. The following video and audio resources can help you find, or obtain, the career you’ve been hoping for.



Soft Skills Guides

When trying to land a job, the little details can have a big impact. While technical skills are crucial for any job seeker, they need to be paired with soft skills to truly be effective. The following guides take you through some of the most overlooked soft skills in the job search process, such as giving a proper handshake and displaying an attitude of gratitude.

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