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IT - Microsoft .NET Programmer Test-Out Options

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Credits: 3.00

Introduces object-oriented programming and design, with a focus on building the conceptual framework necessary to debug and write object-oriented programs. This course uses C# .NET, the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and other tools to present concepts from a variety of perspectives. Learners will create UML diagrams and write/debug C# .NET applications, applying the object-oriented basics of abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. Additional topics include: code documentation and styling, object instantiation/lifetime/scope, calling methods, multiplicity and loops, properties, visibility modifiers, and collections/multiplicity.

NTC Assessments Offered:

National Exams Accepted:

  • AP Computer Science (additional assessment required)


Credits: 3.00

Builds upon the basic principles learned in Object-Oriented Programming 1 (10-152-311), further exploring object-oriented concepts and C# .NET syntax, with a focus on file/data access and n-tier application design. Learners will create a variety of C# .NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications which incorporate n-tier design principles and design patterns. Additional topics include collections, object initializers, XML, streams, serialization, encryption and LINQ.

NTC Assessments Offered:

Test-Out Option Term Definitions

An exam that is scored by faculty or staff in NTC’s Testing Center.
Skill Demonstration
A performance of your expertise that is evaluated by faculty.
Combination: Test & Skill Demonstration
A combination of both a test and a skill demonstration.
A collection and explanation of your past learning through work or life experience.