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Jamie Koth-Student

Like many recent high school graduates, Jamie knew she wanted to attend college. When deciding what program to enter, she looked to her family for support. With Jamie’s aunt in the medical transcription field, she got an early understanding of the profession and thought this was the perfect start to her future.
Jamie entered the Medical Transcription Technical Diploma program at NTC. Through this program Jamie found she could use her skills in typing, punctuation and grammar toward a career path.
“NTC is close to my home and the faculty and staff really help you plan your program, while taking time to really get to know you,” Jamie describes of her experience at NTC.
Through her work at NTC, she found the program to be a good fit to fulfill her professional goals. Jamie explains, “I really enjoy working in a professional office setting and connecting with my peers. Having resources for questions and developing camaraderie with your co-workers is extremely important when starting out. Eventually, with more experience, I may have the opportunity to work from home, which would allow me to balance work and home life when I have a family.”


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