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Sharon Bauer-Health Insurance

SharonHealth Insurance Department UW Health Wausau Family Medicine
Sharon, like many people started college right out of high school. At that time there were limited financial aid options. With many other life responsibilities, she became overwhelmed with the financial and time commitment.
Sharon found that without a degree, she was only eligible for entry level positions that were not challenging and offered limited opportunities for growth.
While interested in science, Sharon wasn’t much for the hands-on clinical care. As a medical transcriptionist, she had the opportunity to work in a professional office setting and provide patient care.
“Working as a medical transcriptionist is personally gratifying and a well respected profession, enabling me to partner
with physicians and medical professionals to provide patient care,” explains Sharon.
In addition, Sharon found that her credits transferred to the UW System and is graduating with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Information Management from the UW – Superior.
“NTC is a great environment that caters to people who have been out of school or need retraining,” explains Sharon. “The instructors are caring, supportive and understand the challenges of returning to school.”


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