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Sheila Rovang-Assistant to the President

SheilaAssistant to the President/CEO Aspirus, Inc.
Sheila chose to become an administrative professional because of the immense opportunities the career field offers. “Many people still think that being an administrative professional means your days consist only of typing, filing, and answering the phone,” Sheila stated. “In reality, those items are only a small fraction of what I do. The majority of my time is spent coordinating projects, meeting and event planning, working with our Board of Directors, and managing my
executive’s schedule.”
For Sheila, NTC was close to home and the flexible scheduling allowed her to work full time while also maintaining a full class schedule. As she began her studies she found other benefits as well, “The faculty and staff at NTC are amazing and truly care about the students and their futures,” Sheila noted. In addition, many of her credits transferred toward her bachelor’s degree in management.
“I always wanted to be an administrative professional,” Sheila explained. “My job is exciting, challenging, fast paced, and extremely rewarding, and I love the fact that every day brings
new opportunities.”


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